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Nice words from friends, and satisfied clients

GERRY SPENCE, Legendary Trial Attorney & Author of at least 17 books
You are a brave one, Kerry, and you have so much to be proud of. I am honored to be your father. You are my role model. Love, Dad

Norma Churchill of SAN RAFAEL March 4, 2018:
Oh, that big rock of fret and worry on my back needed a push to roll off for my piece of mind, to stop fretting over not having a will, to finally get it over and done with.

What a relief to find Kerry Spence and Peoples Legal Docs Inc. She helped sort out the heart of my needs with a process I could understand, a price I could afford and for the sweet ultimate relief of tying up all the pieces so I can get on with life. I am so grateful she made such a complicated document so easy to comprehend, so through and concise.

On top of it all, she is a delight and I can call her if I need to make any changes. She took the anxiety out of my years of protestation and made the experience with Peoples Legal Docs Inc. a pure pleasure. I highly recommend this office.

Alex & Lucinda Lake-Thomas of SAN ANSELMO September 15, 2017:
After years of procrastinating on setting up a family trust our personal wills, my wife and I decided to get serious about looking for help. We looked at the usual suspects for recommendations: Next door, Yelp and Google and ended up selecting Kerry Spence, founder of Peoples Legal Docs.

Kerry and her team were fantastic to work with. She was excellent in explaining in laymen’s terms the nuances of Trusts versus wills and avoiding probate. The whole process took 5 weeks with most of the work being done by phone and we ended up with a Family Trust, two wills, two powers of attorney, two agents of finance and a deed to transfer out home title to the Family Trust. All of these documents were put together in a lovely, professional binder for easy use.

We were very pleased with the services we received. Kerry was warm, compassionate and trust worthy and we wholeheartedly recommend her services. If you need any additional information please feel free to contact us by PM.

Jason Hildebrand of SAN RAFAEL June 9, 2017:
So after my last excellent experience with Kerry Spence, and her company People’s Legal Docs, dealing with my very difficult and emotionally draining divorce, and how great and supportive she was, I decided to go back to her again and use the People’s Legal Docs to setup my living trust. As usual it couldn’t have gone smoother.

First off, she charges a flat fee, so you know what you’re paying up front, no added cost, which I really appreciate this day and age. Her and her company made it beyond easy to understand and figure out what was best for me and my assets and to help my family easily deal with my items in case something happens to me. I went through something similar and difficult to sort out when my mother passed and didn’t want my family to go through the same type of headache to deal with my assets.

Everything was handled with care, professionalism, and ease, what else could you ask for?
Kerry and her team went through their process to get everything together and listed out all my choices and ways I could deal with it. It was so easy, and didn’t take long or take too much of my valuable time to get done. It was one office visit, two phone call meetings and one final signing meeting in the office. She filed everything with the county and courts, took care of everything for me. Everything was handled with care, professionalism, and ease, what else could you ask for? Then at the end, I received a beautiful leather bound binder with everything organized beautifully for my family to be able to find anything they needed easily.

I was extremely pleased, yet again, with Kerry Spence and her company, fantastic experience and would highly recommend her to anyone needing to do a Will or Living Trust. All I can say is if you don’t use Kerry, you’re making a big mistake 🙂

Thanks again Kerry, you’re the best!

Meimei H of SANTA ROSA March 2, 2017:
Dear Kerry, Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I will call you should I need any more work done. Thanks for the EIN# as well.

Phyllis of NOVATO September 5, 2016:
Thank you, the whole process went so smoothly, Kerry and Srijana are very organized and went above and beyond what I had expected. Making use of telephone conference calls, not having to personally find and collect all the needed docs from banks, county, etc., saved me time traveling around the county getting them. The Binder is perfect, everything is all in place. I appreciate all you did. Thank You so much.

Louis Pare of NOVATO July 20, 2016:
To everyone at People’s Legal Docs, Inc. Thank you all for making the process of creating my Living Trust smooth and easy. Kerry Spence literally took me by the hand and handled all account transfers into my new trust accounts. I now have a very attractive package containing simple step by step instructions for my heirs to follow when the time comes. Thanks again.

Celeste V of NOVATO June 16, 2016:
Thank you very much for your time, effort and support. You helped me through a very hard time and I really Appreciate it. Hugs, Celeste

Student from Skyline College attending presentation by Kerry Spence May 16, 2016:

Kerry is an inspiration to paralegals and women
It was great to hear Kerry’s story about being the first paralegal in Marin County. I can relate to those times when I used a Selectric typewriter, fax machines and carbon sheets!! I remember how savvy I thought I was learning how to use those machines. She made me appreciate today’s technology – it’s so much easier now. … Kerry is an inspiration to paralegals and women. She definitely inspires me to be open to new things, work hard and believe I can be successful in my mid-life new career venture.

Dominick Pepicello February 20, 2016:
I have found People’s Legal Docs to be an outstanding firm. They are very professional, and the staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in all that they do. I cannot say enough about their constant communication with their clients. I personally highly recommend their wonderful suggestions from beginning to the end of their contract.

Tom of SAN RAFAEL February 16, 2016:
I was looking to have my estate plan in order and did not really know where to start. I really did not think I needed an attorney as my estate is pretty straight forward and not too complicated. I also realized it was not something I wanted to tackle myself. I did a Google search and Peoples Legal Doc’s popped up. After a brief phone chat with Kerry, I felt extremely confident that I lucked out on my search. We set an appointment and I brought the necessary documents she requested. This also was some very simple stuff.

Kerry explained everything to me in layman’s terms and we were done … this is the way to go!
One more appointment for the signing and that was pretty much it. Kerry explained everything to me in layman’s terms and we were done. This was, in my opinion, the best way to go for me at a fraction of the cost for an attorney. I would highly recommend speaking with Kerry before I made any decision, again this is the way to go!

Naomi S. January 14, 2016:
I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on my name change. Kerry I love you. You did my divorce and I’m happilly married 8 years now, and now my new identity is final. You are amazing!
Love, Naomi

Bob J. June 23, 2015:
Thanks a million, Kerry, for getting me through all this thorny stuff, and doing it with humor and patience, and precision.

Jeri B. April 19, 2015:
Kerry: Sorry I missed saying goodbye to you or thanking you for the great presentation yesterday at the seminar. (I don’t know where I was when you and Grant left.) Your Ethics classes make us feel worthwhile and important to the general public, rather than wondering why we’re in this business! Everything about your presentation is upbeat and supportive. Thank you, again, for being there and pumping us up. We, LDAs, need that and we love you! 🙂
Very sincerely, Jeri

Phil & Karla Baiocchi April 11, 2015:
Kerry, We really appreciate you taking a big load off of our shoulders. I’ve been dealing with wanting to get our Family Trust completed for a very long time. I just didn’t think a corporate law firm would have our best interests in mind. So, when our bank manager recommended you and your office, I figured it was time to give it a try. All it took was the first meeting and we felt very comfortable in how you explained the whole process from start to finish. You then followed through on every promise you made (and then some).

The “icing on the cake” was your inexpensive rates
It was especially great having you be with us when we had to visit the various banks and loan offices. Making sure everything got signed properly and promptly made the process continue without a hitch. When it was finally completed, it seemed like we had been friends for a real long time. The “icing on the cake” was your inexpensive rates. I just can’t say enough. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone that we know who has legal concerns and are looking for some help. Thanks

Bob J. March 11, 2015:
Thanks for all your help today and for this action list. I will get going on it right away. I am very happy with how smooth and clear you made everything at our meeting.

Elizabeth W. January 28, 2015:
You can’t know how much I appreciate you (and I barely know you, which is extraordinary!) You seem to know the right thing to say – what I need to hear … amazing.

I’ll be in touch to make an appointment soon – thank you for everything!!

Sheila N. January 14, 2015:
Thank you Kerry for your kind note. I hope the case goes smoothly. Your clients are lucky to have you in their corner. Best, Sheila

Richie F. December 21, 2014:
You know Kerry is not always about needing help, although the need is there sometimes. It’s about just saying thank you for being there. Maybe it’s just Christmas that reminds me to do so, although I’ve been thinking of you many times throughout the year as I drive right by your office. I was reflecting on how helpful you’ve always been and how I look forward to an opportunity still to express my gratitude, and then some.

Rich S. of SAN RAFAEL December 11, 2014:
Hi, Kerry…..I recall a presentation you once did at BNI, where you spoke for about 30 seconds about your paralegal work, and the rest of the time about your ideals, the planet, peace……it was remarkable and obviously memorable.

Kathleen M. November 16, 2014:
Thanks for everything you do

Mark Z. November 6, 2014:

You have a magic touch with people, that’s for sure
That was so nice of you to do, thank you for that. She just left the most heartfelt message on my virtual message thanking me for the referral and saying how great and soothing it was for her to connect with you.

You have a magic touch with people, that’s for sure. I’m so eager for us to meet. Thanks again.

BRUCE P. of TIBURON December 5, 2013:
Thank you so much for the help. You really did make the process as painless as possible and with the focus where it belonged. You have been important people at a difficult time of my life.

TERI T. of NOVATO October 7, 2013:
Thank you so much Kerry. You are always a stellar resource and I am always grateful. At some point, I will need to come in to see you to amend our trusts.

MARK B. of CORTE MADERA October 7, 2013:
Thanks for the reminder. I look forward to it! Wow, is it right looking forward to finalizing divorce papers?

Thanks for making this process so easy
Thanks for making this process so easy for me. To me you are every bit as good as your father is at what he does. Thank you so much for not becoming an attorney!

JAN C. of NOVATO August 25, 2013:
Thanks again for making this process so easy. My spouse also has liked working with you. If we know of anyone who has plans for divorce we will recommend you.

STEVE S. of SAN RAFAEL August 22, 2013:
I just wanted to thank you for all your work on my will and trust. I will recommend you to anyone. Also thanks for the work on the purchase agreement and bill of sale on my business. Everything went smoothly and I’m now trying to get used to this retirement stuff. Thanks again.

MARK D. of SACRAMENTO August 15, 2013:
Dear Kerry, I so appreciate you scanning for forms that may … help my mother, brother and myself for this transition timing. Many thanks!

providing the type of legal help you need
DAVID S. August 14, 2013:
Kerry Spence is a neighbor who comes from a storied legal background. She specializes in providing the type of legal help you need.

SHARON B. of GREENBRAE July 28, 2013:
Dear Kerry, You are the best! Thank you for the thoughtful email … I hope you are doing well, and I will always refer friends and family to you. Best wishes, Sharon

ROBERT R. of PETALUMA July 15, 2013:
Kerry is a true pioneer in my field and through her decades long commitment to our profession (Paralegal / LDA), she has helped pave the way for “come-lately’s” like me to be able to carve out a career and make a legitimate living in the service niche I now occupy – her business success is my success in this business. She is a woman of pristine integrity, brilliant and damn funny.

BARB B. April 29, 2013:
Thank you KERRY … It is a special place in my heart that I will hold the words you spoke so dearly that afternoon. I applaud your efforts on behalf of this group aka “people paralegals”.

It has been very rare that I meet a person whom speaks of the passion and compassion that drives us, as you spoke. I have listened to your words over and over in my mind a thousand times. I am grateful to you for it.

DAVID L. of RICHMOND April 29, 2013:
Thank you for all your help!!

April 27, 2013 Kerry Spence was the keynote speaker to California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA) at their Spring Napa seminar where she presented Mindful Connection: A New Vision for the Client/LDA Relationship.

The following are some of the comments from that presentation: 

Kerry, you gave me HOPE
  • Your words electrified me!
  • It has been very rare that I meet a person who speaks, as you spoke, of the passion and compassion that drives us.
  • What you said was powerful and encouraging and I hung on your every word.
  • Thank you for all you’ve done to encourage this profession for people, your are “right like rain”
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying out loud what I silently feel.
  • It is a special place in my heart that I will hold the words you spoke so dearly that afternoon.
  • I have listened to your words over and over in my mind a thousand times and I am grateful to you for it.
  • Kerry, you gave me HOPE
  • The people do need you ( as did I), and I am certain would thank you, if only they ever knew how much you have given and how inspiring you are.

ALLAN A. of STINSON BEACH April 29, 2013:
Kerry, I certainly appreciate the way you’ve handled our divorce. Your attention to detail, knowledge and efficiency made a very difficult process much easier. The cost, very reasonable. Again thanks so much for your help in going through a most difficult time.

PAT B. of LARKSPUR March 21, 2013:
Kerry, Thanks so much for all your work on Margaret’s behalf. We both feel lucky to have found you! I was amazed to hear about your life and that of your famous father. So very interesting. I looked on his website, but it didn’t appear that he sold copies of his photos. The one in your office of the Tetons and Snake River is just stunning. Again, thanks for taking such good care of my friend Margaret.

Although the matter of divorce is not pleasant, it was indeed a pleasure working with Kerry on our paperwork and documentation.

I recommend Kerry’s services whole-heartedly!
She is very knowledgeable about the court system and was very supportive through the process. She was also able to handle everything we needed from start to finish at an affordable price. I recommend Kerry’s services whole-heartedly!

PAUL C. of SAN RAFAEL 11/19/2012:
I originally found Kerry by calling around to all the paralegals in the phone book. Her outgoing message was the first to make me feel comfortable. I felt like I had finally found someone who was compassionate and empathetic.

finally found someone who was compassionate and empathetic
When we finally talked I found both these to be true; also very knowledgeable in my area of need. Kerry led me through the process, took care of notifying my spouse and got all of our paper work filed in a timely manner, with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed in perfect order for the court. Kerry guided me and helped with everything I needed done and made me feel comfortable and secure in the process, responding to all my emails and texts almost always immediately. I would and do recommend her services to any who want an expert to help in the filling out and filing of their legal documents.

PAUL and CHRIS T. of LAGUNITAS 10/20/2012:
Dear Kerry: How about a hand-written letter, an old fashioned endeavor that is so personal. We are amazed at the orderliness and professionalism of your outfit, and your thoroughness. Thank you one million times and the fees that you waived just because we live here in this wonderful valley. Stay healthy and keep on dancing.