We believe that all people deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. We at People’s Legal Docs, Inc. pledge to treat all our clients this way.

We have one of the best legal systems in the world, but it tends to treat people poorly. Kerry’s father Gerry Spence says our legal system is broken. “It is too expensive, too complicated and alienates the people.”

Kerry’s father inspired her to find a way to help people with their personal legal projects without breaking the bank. Kerry has spent over half her life working in our legal system and developed the Kerry Spence Method of Compassionate Law to transform the legal system through compassion, simplicity and affordability. Kerry founded People’s Legal Docs, Inc. to bring the law back to you.

Let me bring the law back to youKerry Spence

We personally have been battered by this system, but we believe the system can be mended. Our response is to treat our clients with compassion, make estate planning simple to understand, and provide the highest quality estate planning services to the people of Marin and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We make estate planning easy for you. We work primarily in the areas of estate planning, living trusts, and wills.

We offer you flat fee so you will always know from the beginning what the cost will be, and we make your legal dollars count. There are never any hidden costs. We are always available by telephone to discuss any of your concerns or needs. Call anytime for a FREE QUOTE over the phone.

You are always in charge
Compare our rates and solutions for all of your estate planning needs. You will see that we provide the most comprehensive solutions in all of Marin. Best of all, you can talk to us any time without paying extra. We are committed to serving the public by reducing the high cost and confusion of estate planning. You are in charge, and we make sure your wishes and needs are always kept at the forefront of all proceedings. We simplify estate planning without compromising quality.

We work hard to make sure your experience with us is easy and stress free. We strive to gracefully exceed all your expectations. Please let us know how we are doing so will know how to improve our service.