Our Process

Now that you have found us, we want to make the estate planning process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Kerry Spence, our founder, has designed a process that makes planning your estate simple and easy to understand. Kerry based this exciting new process on over 40 years of experience working as a paralegal for both attorneys, and private clients like you.

We at People’s Legal Docs, Inc. promise we won’t overwhelm you, or make you fill out a lot of confusing forms just to get started. Remember – you hired us to help you, not the other way around.

We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable as you make your important estate plan decisions. Each meeting will take no more than one hour. We have found that any more time than this is just too tiring for all of us.

Here is how it all works

First meeting – Gather Information

Show up at the designated appointment time at our comfortable and relaxing living-room style office. We will send you an email prior to the appointment to confirm it and make sure you have directions to our office. We have complimentary parking behind our building.

Objective of the first meeting: We meet and explain the purpose of the legal documents we will be filling out for you, and answer any questions you might have. You only need to bring your memory to the meeting. We will gather enough information from you to prepare the drafts of your legal documents. Any information you don’t have, or decisions you are not ready to make, we will keep track of for you, and get from you at a later date.

Before you leave, we will set your next appointments.

After the meeting we will send you an email with a “to do” list that you can use as a checklist as you gather the information.

Second meeting – Review Drafts

This meeting will be conducted by telephone. We will have emailed you prior to the appointment confirming it.

Objective of the second meeting: Review the drafts of your legal documents with you. All our documents are prepared by lawyers but we use “simplese” rather than “legalese” in our documents so you can understand them. We feel it is important that our clients be able to read and understand the documents so they can make informed decisions. Many estate planning services use very long and intense “legalese” documents which makes it difficult to know what the documents are saying and difficult for you to check to see if your decisions were implemented properly.

At this meeting we will discuss any questions you may have, and make any required changes.

We will then set your funding appointment and email to you a funding worksheet to gather a list of your assets. You will bring the worksheet to the sign meeting.

Third meeting – Sign Documents

Show up at the designated appointment time. We will have emailed you prior to the appointment confirming it.

Objective of the third meeting: Sign the legal documents. We are notaries so we can notarize any documents. We provide the witnesses necessary to witness your Will.

We will collect your funding worksheet. Using the information you provided on the funding worksheet, we will create a Table of Assets that lists your assets, and how each asset will avoid probate.

Final meeting – Pick up Binder

Show up at the designated appointment time. We will have emailed you prior to the appointment confirming it.

Objective of the final meeting: We will present you with your new estate plan in a smart binder which will contain all your original documents, the Table of Assets, a copy of your newly recorded deed(s), and self-help chapters on:

  1. how to maintain your trust
  2. step-by-step instructions to make it easy for your successor trustee to administer your trust when the time comes (your legacy of compassion)

We will go over the contents of the estate binder with you, and explain how to maintain the trust. You will also sign all the transfer documents that we have prepared for you, which is the final step in making sure the trust is funded and your estate avoids probate.

That’s it!
We strive to make the whole experience simple, enjoyable and stress-free!

Kerry Spence