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Kerry Spence | Our Founder
Kerry Spence is Marin’s first paralegal

Kerry Spence is one of California’s first paralegals, receiving her American Bar Association approved certificate from the University of San Diego in 1977. Originally, paralegals who worked directly for the people were called independent paralegals, but they are now called Legal Document Assistants (LDAs). This distinguishes them from paralegals who work directly for an Attorney. LDAs work for you to help create the documents that capture the substance of your personal legal projects. You call the shots and are always in charge. LDAs are highly trained in legal procedures so they are your ideal guide for any legal project.

Kerry was born and raised in Wyoming, and is the daughter of legendary trial lawyer, Gerry Spence. She started attending court with her father at the age of 8 and was later trained by her father while working at his law firm. Her early lessons taught her to help the people and approach the law with compassion. Kerry left her father’s firm to establish her paralegal practice in Marin County, California where she worked for some of Northern California’s most respected trial attorneys, specializing in civil litigation and document management.

Kerry is widely recognized as a pioneer and leader

Kerry is widely recognized as a pioneer and leader in the paralegal profession. She was profiled in the book written by Sheri Estrin, Where Do I Go From Here?, in the chapter entitled Paralegal Role Models. Kerry was an assistant professor for over 20 years at the Sonoma State Paralegal Program where she taught How to Operate a Successful Paralegal/LDA Business, sharing her experiences as a seasoned business owner. Kerry is a member of California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA) and is on their advisory council.

compassion, affordability and simplicity

Kerry has spent over half her life working in our legal system for attorneys and self-represented consumers. She developed the Kerry Spence Method of Compassionate Law with a three-pronged approach of compassion, affordability and simplicity as her personal response to the access to justice crisis. This earned her the gratitude of her clients and the respect of her father who said, “You are a brave one, Kerry, and you have so much to be proud of. I am honored to be your father. You are my role model.”

Kerry has been in private practice for almost 40 years, providing services to the public and to attorneys. She currently operates People’s Legal Docs, Inc. and The Paralegal Offices of Kerry Spence. Kerry writes about, and lectures state-wide on, affordable legal access issues and solutions.

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We believe you should be treated better
We provide a better alternative to high priced organizations that make you do most of the work. We believe you should be treated better, so we do the work for you. Our comprehensive estate planning services include; living trusts, wills, deeds, health care directives and durable powers of attorney.

We stay with you, every step of the way
We go the extra mile for our clients. We stay with you, every step of the way until your estate plan is done. After the living trust documents are completed and signed, most estate planning services will consider the project is complete. This leaves out the important step of funding the trust with your financial institutions, which other services expect you to figure out on your own. Funding the trust is legal jargon that means transferring your assets to your trust. Without funding, your trust is incomplete. Incomplete trusts are legally compromised so your loved ones may be forced to go through the considerable expense, and extensive time, required to complete probate.

We prepare all the necessary forms to transfer your assets to your living trust. In most cases, this involves multiple forms that are usually difficult to locate, and confusing to complete. Many of these forms require notarization and inclusion of specific language from the trust before they can be submitted to each financial institution. All of this preparation work makes funding easy, and is covered in your flat rate.

If you have questions, just call us. We never charge to talk!

You may not be accustomed to this level of service, but we believe you should be. You should not have to pay extra for it. We are not just doing a job. Providing a better delivery of legal services is our calling. So call us! – We pledge to make you glad you did.

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